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The Timeless Question: Xbox 360 or PS3?

Jeffrey Garcia and Roderick Aniceto, Reporters

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jeffjpegEvery day, you hear people arguing, popping veins, and throwing their fists at each other. Not about politics, or religion, or scientific theories. Kennedy students fight over the subject matter that seems to have been going on forever. Which console system is better, the PlayStation 3, or the Xbox 360?
Senior Adrian Hardy believes that the Xbox 360 has more exclusive games than the PS3. “I have been playing it ever since the original Xbox,” said Hardy. The original Xbox was a system that attracted many of our young minds, and brought many people to love the Xbox 360 and its exclusive games as well.
Freshman Panther Huynh, however, has his heart out on the PS3. “With the Xbox, you have to pay for the online multiplayer. The PS3 has it for free, and it has a bit more basic format.”
Junior Daniel Eiskant believes that the price is worth paying. “While you do have to pay for Xbox Live, it’s more user-friendly, less prone to getting hacked, and it’s easier to navigate,” Eiskant said. “I like the game play better, as well as the graphics.” The user-interface is definitely much simpler to use, and more customizable.
Freshman Adrian Cruz believes the PS3 outshines the Xbox 360. “The graphics are slightly better, and the controller fits well in your hand.” Dual Shock certainly makes the controller’s movement more fluent for the user.
Although the video game stereotype is usually placed on guys, girl gamers tend to be forgotten. Jordyn Allen, a sophomore, has plenty of experience with the Xbox 360, and feels comfortable staying with it. “It’s more customary to me, and most of my friends play it.” Allen said.
Girl gamers even go outside of Kennedy. Kimberly Ivette Montes, a freshman at Einstein, supports the PS3, as it offers free internet. “Most of my friends are on it, so it allows me to keep in touch with them.”
Kids nowadays tend to be a very mixed audience when it comes to video game consoles. We like to side with the one with better games, the one our friends play the most, or the one we think is easier to use. We each have our own reason for favoring one over the other. But as far as opinions go, the Xbox and the PS3 will forever be set into our minds.

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The Timeless Question: Xbox 360 or PS3?