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Kennedy and Glenallan Team up for Art Project

Amina N'Gambwa, Editor

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On March 11, Kennedy students taking Ms. Johnson’s ceramics class met with the second graders at Glenallan Elementary School to see the final result of a month long collaborative art effort between the schools.

Ms. Lewis, the assistant principal at Kennedy, helped launch the collaboration by getting the art teachers at Kennedy and Glenallan to connect and exchange ideas. The hope was that through this project, the two communities would come together in a new way.

After emailing back and forth, Ms. Johnson, the Kennedy ceramics teacher, and Mrs. Venegas, the Glenallan art teacher, were able to come up with a way to merge the curriculum of both classes.

Mrs. Venegas, the art teacher at Glenallan was teaching her students about drawing using primary colors and geometric shapes. To teach her students, she had them sketch designs that incorporated these new elements. These designs were then sent to the ceramics department at Kennedy for the collaboration to begin.

The sketches from the second graders were used as the inspiration for Mrs. Johnson’s class. Each sketch made by a second grader was turned into a 3D creation by a Kennedy student taking ceramics.

“It was hard because the kid’s drawings weren’t always realistic looking so we had to adjust and think creatively. We wanted to make ours as similar to the original drawing as possible,” said ceramics student, Casey McKneely, a junior at Kennedy.

“I didn’t want to ruin it,” said sophomore ceramics student, Astrid Medina.

After creating a vision for their products, the ceramics students began the tedious process of creating the sculptures. This consisted of breaking apart the designs and making the individual aspects of the designs with clay before finally putting all of the pieces together.

A month later the 3D sculptures were completed and ready to be shared with the Glenallan students. Originally the second graders were only going to see the completed sculptures, but Kennedy students decided they wanted to let the children keep them. Along with Ms. Johnson, ceramics students who participated in this activity visited Glenallan with their pieces. This gave the elementary school students the chance to meet the high schoolers that made their 2D drawings a 3D reality.

“It made me happy to know I was doing something the child would really like,” said Medina.

The room was filled with constant buzzing and energy as the exchange took place. While the second graders were excited to see the final products, the high schoolers were happy to see their reactions.

“It was fun and when I saw my sculpture I liked it because it was a cat and I love cats,” said second grader, Nyasha after receiving her sculpture.

Though this joint effort was a first for the Kennedy and Glenallan art communities, both art teachers hope to collaborate again in the future.


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Kennedy and Glenallan Team up for Art Project