Coronavirus Highlights Fatal Flaws in U.S. Healthcare System

Ceilidh Kern, Staff Reporter

August 14, 2020

By the end of July 2020, around 30 million Americans had been fired or furloughed and left to face the daunting experience of trying to file for unemployment in a system overwhelmed with applications. But unemployment is not the onl...

#BlackLivesMatter: Breaking Down Misconceptions and Policies

Feven Shonga, Staff Reporter

July 9, 2020

In 2012, a 17-year-old boy by the name of Treyvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman while he was visiting his family in Florida. Wearing a hoodie, Martin was walking back home after buying Arizona tea and skittles from a conveni...

Porque Ahora: #LasVidasNegrasImportan

Adriana Quinonez Solano, Staff Reporter

June 9, 2020

"Is freedom to be conceived merely as an inherent, given characteristic of man, is it a freedom which is confined within the human mind, is freedom an internal experience? Or, on the other hand, is freedom only the liberty to...

“Death to America”: the State of American-Iranian Relations

Feven Shonga, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2020

American President Donald Trump (left) and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (right). On January 3, 2020, President Trump approved a missile strike that assassinated Iran’s most powerful commander, General Qasem Soleimani. This a...

The Reality of Life for Native Americans

Adriana Quinonez Solano, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2020

Native Americans are the indigenous peoples of the Americas. They have lived in North and South America, including what would become the United States, for thousands of years, well before Christopher Columbus set eyes on the continents....

Varsity Swimmers and Diver Make it to Metros for the First Time in Three Years

Olivia Miller, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2020

Ian Virga and Amelie House (left and middle) competed at Metros in the 100 yard backstroke, and Olivia Miller (right) competed in 1 meter diving. No, the swimming pool is not located on the third floor of Kennedy High School (...

Trump Becomes Third President Ever Impeached

Josephine Amara Bangali, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2020

Impeachment: the act of calling into question the integrity or validity of something, including the integrity and validity of presidents and other elected officials. There have only been two U.S. presidents who have been impeached...

California Wildfires

Kendra Williams, Staff Reporter

May 2, 2020

106 people killed, 1,893,913 acres burned, and 3.5 million dollars. California is ranked number 1 on the list of the top 10 states at high to extreme wildfire risk. There have been at least 8,054 wildfires in 2018 alone and...

Climate Change Broken Down

Ceilidh Kern, Editor-in-Chief

May 2, 2020

  Severity of global warming around the world. Source: Scientific American Over the past several years, the health of the Earth has become a critical issue for consumers and activists alike. Whether it is the debate over ...

With All Rebirthing, it Takes Time: The Journey of Kennedy Football in 2018

Olivia Miller, Reporter

November 28, 2018

Kennedy’s football program is in the development stage of it’s rebirth. It’s not going to “happen overnight” - or in this case, even over a couple months. The team has doubled in size since last season, going from havin...

Boys Varsity Soccer’s First Playoff Win of 2018

Eilem Aguilar and Adriana Quinonez-Solano

November 20, 2018

Concluding with a winning season, the Varsity boys soccer team moved on to the first round of playoffs, facing one of John F. Kennedy’s biggest rivals, Wheaton High School. The county soccer playoffs began on Friday, where our boys...

President Trump Threatens Birthright Citizenship

Ceilidh Kern, Reporter, Co-Editor in Chief

November 20, 2018

Just days before the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump resurrected an old campaign promise of nullifying the U.S. birthright citizenship policy established by the 14th Amendment, the move seen as an obvious final attempt to...