2020 Election

Kendra Williams , Staff Reporter


During the 2020 election, Democrat Joseph R. Biden Jr. was announced to be the 46th president of the United States of America. President-elect Joe Biden won 51.3% in total for the electoral college resulting in Trump only winning 46.9%. Biden surpassed the winning threshold of 270 electoral votes after winning Pennsylvania. Trump refused to accept his defeat which resulted in him demanding around 4,997,716 votes to be recounted in Georgia. He stated, “I WON THE ELECTION, GOT 71,000,000 LEGAL VOTES.” on Twitter. Trump refused to give up and pointed out errors with the election process. He used the delays in vote counting as one of the prime examples to say the process is corrupted. 

After Biden’s victory was announced to the world, there were multiple parties and celebrations across the nation. This was not only a win for Biden but a win for Kamala Harris who made history by becoming the first-ever African American and South Asian woman to be vice president. However, the positivity and happiness of citizens soon came to an end when many Republicans became furious. Those individuals held a protest and accused Biden of being a thief because they believed that he manipulated votes with software only he could access. Several reporters wanted to understand their perspective and did some interviews. For example, a retired teacher named Hedrick, 70, stated to U.S. News & World Report that, “There are millions and millions of Trump votes that were just thrown out”. They, later on, stated, “that computer was throwing them out.”

The divide between both sides has only grown deeper. Democrats stated the fact that, when Donald John Trump became the president, the entire nation went through conflicts such as riots, employment crises, terrorist attacks, shooting rate changes, and other factors that caused some of the biggest obstacles to come in years. Many Democrats also brought up the fact that Trump would be the third president to be impeached since 1868. One Democrat stated, “Very cool that Republicans believe Trump is a good person even though he cut food stamps, overthrew the Bolivian government, sanctioned Iran,  the DPRK, and let hundreds of thousands of people die from Covid.” They also believed Trump’s views and actions affected his decisions several times, prompting citizens to either hate or love the way he thinks.

Generating a feeling of apprehension throughout the entire globe, the difference in point of views caused the 2020 election to become one of the most suspenseful elections throughout history. The suspense intrigued many citizens, and it was recorded that 103 million people voted early just to see the aftermath. Regardless, many were surprised when the aftermath turned out the way it did, mainly because every president before Trump had a peaceful transition of authority.