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Lack of School Spirit Affects Athletics

Hisan Iskandar, Reporter

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“They don’t care but they should,” Jessica Littleton, a sophomore and athlete for Kennedy’s soccer and lacrosse teams, said. “Even while we [Kennedy’s sports teams] get better and are getting closer to better statistics, people still say we suck,” she said.

Littleton is one amongst many who have been belittled for playing on an unimpressive team. Even though many Kennedy teams feel like they have improved, they still have classmates who badmouth their teams right in their faces, making any progress seem meaningless.

Kennedy is known to be at the bottom of the chain when it comes to sports. Students and athletes alike have recognized this and created a negative mindset that has quickly spread throughout the community. Each time there is a game for any sport, the general feeling is the same; there’s no point in going, we’re going to lose anyway. Consequently, at every Kennedy sports game the bleachers are almost empty.

Students athletes have noticed the lack of support from their peers, a factor that is a huge reason why our teams can’t seem to win. Despite the work they put into their sports, without support from the Kennedy community, the drive to win is very low.

“It shouldn’t be about that [we’re going to lose anyways], it should be the fact that you come support your school because, like it or not, you rep that school even if we lose every single game,” Tanari Drew, a sophomore lacrosse player, said.

The more spirit a school shows, the more confident sports teams will feel, which could translate to more success. The screams and yells coming from the bleachers help the team feel like people actually care about them and the hard work they put in. The positive vibe coming from their peers can give the sports teams a chance to prove themselves to their school. But how can teams feel confident when no one comes to their games?

“Show pride and represent the school we go to and be an example of what it means to be a Cav,” said Jordy Cisneros, a sophomore and a soccer and baseball player.

“We generally just need more school spirit,” Evan Menendez, a junior and a swim and baseball player, said.

Athletes from each team, whether it be swim or basketball, feel that they deserve the support that others schools get. Even though they aren’t always as successful as other schools, they still are an important part of Kennedy High School. The support given from the Kennedy community can cause positive results. A bigger audience turnout just might be what our sports teams need to succeed.

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Lack of School Spirit Affects Athletics