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They Want You to Learn About Islam

Khairatun Iskandar, Reporter

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“In public I do get stares and I feel, not necessarily discriminated against, but I feel judged and… it’s that eerie feeling that’s always with you when you wear a hijab out in public and everyone knows you’re a Muslim,” Kimberly Syuardi, a student in Arnold, MD said. Kimberly, along with other full-time hijabis, feels paranoid, even in school.

Islam is viewed as a harbor of terrorism and hate by some. There have been incidents that do support that view,  such as 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, and very recently, San Bernardino. With the events in San Bernardino, fear and caution has been spreading through the United States.

It has sparked reactions such as politicians refusing to allow Syrian refugees into their states. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made the statement that if he were to be president he would temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

But to some younger members of the Muslim faith, it represents peace and love.  It is hard to show that sometimes and it makes these young people nervous. Some students here in the school did not want to talk about this topic. They felt uncomfortable and felt as if it was too unbearable for them to speak about. Hate crimes toward Muslim Americans happen all over the nation.

“I’ve gotten dirty looks from classmates and I’ve been told “no offense” after someone insulted ISIS,” Vionny Amelia, a student at Northwest High School said. Some Muslim American students feel safe under the protection the schools provide. But it seems as if even friends could unintentionally make an accusation.

“Some of my friends call me a terrorist,” Nabila Prasetiawan, a student from Frederick County, MD said.

These incidents that have been allowed to happen caused the world to shape a Muslim into someone who is ruthless, and who will murder. They shaped an entire religion into a religion of hate instead of what it really is. A religion of peace.

“If some people actually take the time to learn about Islam and read at least one verse of the Quran is enlightening enough that this religion is solely based on peace and harmony throughout a nation or throughout a community,” Tanya Syarnubi, a student at Richard Montgomery High School, said. The Quran is the central religious text of Islam. Muslims believe the Quran is a revelation from God. The Quran is basically a Muslim’s guidebook to life. If anyone reads it, they can feel truly touched and realize the beauty of Islam.

Society has feared this religion due to the tragic incidents that have happened in the past. They shaped Islam into something that it is not. Islam can be viewed as a harbor of terrorism. But Muslim Americans can prove that wrong. Not long ago, a community of Muslim Americans raised $170,000 for the families of the victims of the San Bernardino incident.

It is not fair to the new generation of Muslims to face the discrimination Muslims do now. It is not fair for Muslim American students to face the discrimination at all.


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They Want You to Learn About Islam