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Patriots Bio-medical Competition

Andrea Deyto, Reporter

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The Patriots Bio-medical Competition gives students the opportunity to complete a study on the awareness, treatment, and diagnosis of mental illnesses. By participating in this competition, students are able to gain knowledge about mental illnesses, how to keep themselves healthy including coping strategies, and it looks good on college resumes.

Schools are asked to participate in the competition and students are broken up into teams of five. This year, each team was assigned to create a brochure, website, public health activity, presentation, display board, and write a research paper.

There are two teams in this school that are participating in this competition. One group’s assigned mental illness is Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD for short. In this group, they have worked hard on creating public health activities, a website, and a research paper. 

“This competition has us staying after school every now and then and even having lunch meetings just to get everything right,” group leader Jemima Sapang said.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it,” member Claire Awtrey said.

While researching their topic, the students gained knowledge that they hoped to share with their peers. They have learned about the symptoms of this disorder such as: sweating, fatigue, excessive worrying, difficulty concentrating, and thinking about the worst solutions to every situation.

However, the group was also able to get creative with this competition by creating their own PSA videos. Each video is part of a three part series telling the story of Tim, the main character, and his journey of accepting his anxiety.

“I grew attached to Tim while creating the videos. I’ll miss Tim after this is all over,” Awtrey said after watching the first video for the first time.

The competition date is quickly approaching and although they were assigned to learn only about GAD, they also learned about teamwork and the importance of deadlines.

The most ironic part of the assignment is that researching anxiety gave them even more anxiety. But at least they know how to cope with it.

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Patriots Bio-medical Competition