Boys Varsity Soccer’s First Playoff Win of 2018

Concluding with a winning season, the Varsity boys soccer team moved on to the first round of playoffs, facing one of John F. Kennedy’s biggest rivals, Wheaton High School. The county soccer playoffs began on Friday, where our boys soccer team played a challenging 90+ minute game. Even after 90 minutes of intense gameplay, neither team was able to score during the allotted game time. The game had to go overtime to decide who the winner of the first round of playoffs would be. After almost 15 minutes of overtime, Yechalesew Desta (Freshman, Striker) made the highly-anticipated winning goal, taking the team to the second round of playoffs against Churchill High School.

The varsity soccer team had a winning season as a result of collaborating with each other and reevaluating their mindset/priorities for the season. The team has made an outstanding comeback from last year’s record 6-8-3, to an overall record of 7-3-1. They’ve made changes from their previous season, and have focused on playing as a unit, working with each other to succeed. “There were a lot of players who were selfish in previous years. Now everyone is on the same page, we’re all there to win, it’s not about any one person, it’s about the whole team,” said senior varsity captain, Brendan Henry. These changes were obvious as the team played as a whole throughout their whole season and during overtime.

The team appreciates and gives recognition to their new assistant coach, Cris Rivera, as being one of their team’s assets that led them to their winning season and a playoff win.

Throughout the game, both teams put up a good fight. Our Kennedy varsity boys soccer team was determined to finish their season with another win against one of their most competitive rivals.“We underestimated our opponent – they came out and fought, respect to Wheaton, but in the end we came out fighting harder,” said senior varsity captain, Cristian Sotelo. He also noted that “we fought harder than ever to get this win.”

Overall, the first playoff game of our varsity boys soccer team was a very rigorous and challenging one, since their rival had come to fight. Our boys worked hard on their skills, playing together as a unit to reach their overall goal: to have a successful season.