Middle School Versus High School: the Transition

Grace Nangueri, Staff Reporter

This fall, as we put away our swimsuits and pulled out our books, the school doors swung open in anticipation of the new school year. As students returned to school, many of us had to go through the dreaded change of a lifetime: going to high school. We left our cozy middle school classrooms and thrust ourselves into the busy halls of high school. Freshman year, the topic we’ve heard about since we were 10 years old: TV shows, books, and movies have been made about this monumental year, but it is not until we walk through those doors that we get the chance to test those theories and see what is actually true.

When asked about her thoughts on high school, her personal experience with the transition, and whether or not she would go back to middle school, Brianna, a Kennedy freshman, said that “Without hesitation, I would definitely go back to middle school to see my friends but also because high school is not hard, but it is […] a lot different and it’s hard to get your head wrapped around everything, so for sure I would go back to middle school.” Another freshman, Tiffany, said that “I would go back because middle school was […] calmer than high school. The environment and the friends there [were] more peaceful.” As for the amount of pressure they were experiencing, all of the students agreed that high school was more stressful because of the impact it had on their future, which raises the question as to why there is such a culture shock during our transition from a low-pressure environment to a high-pressure one.

Personally, I absolutely found transitioning from middle to high school difficult. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the time, but I have to say the experience was a wake-up call, opening my eyes to the fact that I would have to brace myself because these next 4 years were going to be some of the hardest in my life thus far. And I did, but it didn’t stop me from longing for the simple life of middle school just like my classmates. Yet, all of the students I talked to did say that even though they had had to leave their cocoons, they were looking forward to the adventure that laid before them.