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MCPS Finalizes New Superintendent

Amina N'Gambwa, Editor

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“You don’t have to be sick to get better,” Dr. Jack Smith, soon to be superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) says.

In February of 2015, Montgomery County Public Schools were left without a superintendent to rule over the county’s school systems. After careful consideration and researching, the MCPS Board has decided to elect Jack Smith as the new superintendent.

Beginning July 1, 2016, Dr. Smith will take over and act as the official superintendent of all MCPS schools. Before his career with MCPS, Smith had a myriad of experiences as a teacher, administrator and principal.

He has been a part of the MCPS institution for 37 years, serving in various positions. Teachers, Board members, and students are looking forward to see what initiatives he takes in order to make MCPS a better school system.

He believes that while MCPS is a well functioning and successful system, there are ways in which it can improve. “I really believe in continuous improvement.”

Due to his experience in all fields if the learning process, Smith understands the importance of engaging students and making learning fun for students of all ages. After teaching abroad in Japan for several years, Dr. Smith has a unique view of the education system and innovative ways to change curriculums and increase success rates.

“I have seen a lot of ways to approach education,” he said. “There’s a lot to learn from Asia.”  

Smith plans to address a variety of subjects including the budget, magnet programs, technology in classrooms, and standardized testing in order to achieve his goal of making MCPS a school system that both meets the needs of its students and faculty, and prepares its students for life after their time in the MCPS system.

Montgomery County itself is full of diversity and a variety of cultures and traditions. Smith has been spending much of his time researching and understanding the makeup of the county in order to better address its needs. He hopes to both celebrate and increase the diversity present in schools by allowing people of all backgrounds to receive a high standard of education and take part in leadership and learning activities.

Dr. Smith recognizes that “life is full of limitations,” but hopes to provide his students with all of the tools necessary to choose the lives that they wish to lead.

At the end of his time here with MCPS, Smith hopes he will be able to safely say, “I left the students learning. I left the school system strong and more able to meet standards.”


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MCPS Finalizes New Superintendent