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JFK Honors Allison Krause

Andrea Deyto, Reporter

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On May 4, 1970  four college students were shot by National Guardsmen at an anti-war protest. One of them was Kennedy alumna Allison Krause. This event, which later became known as the Kent State Shooting, prompted student protests across the nation and became the focal point for the anti-war movement.

Krause was an honors student at Kent State, who had turned nineteen barely two weeks prior to the shooting. She was shot on the left side of her chest and died later that same day.

Krause is still remembered in many ways today. Her younger sister, Laurel Krause gave a speech to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Kent State shooting. In her speech, she described Kent State, the protesting, and those who were unfortunately killed that fateful day.

Allison took a stand against American war – and she died for the cause of peace. I am so honored to remember my big sister for this,” Laurel Krause said in her speech.

Along with her speech, Allison’s sister also founded the Kent State Truth Tribunal in memory of those who died along with Allison.

Krause’s father, Arthur Krause, also took action in honor of his daughter and sued Ohio governor, James Rhodes, and others in a civil suit called Krause v. Rhodes. In the end of the case, the Krause family only received $15,000.

In the courtyard, the John F. Kennedy High School honors Allison Krause with a memorial stone. The stone is inscribed and states:

In Memory of Allison Krause

Class of 1969

Killed at Kent State University

May 4, 1970

A time for peace I swear it’s not too late – Pete Seeger      


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JFK Honors Allison Krause