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Getting to Know Ms. Burgos

Yesica Benitez, Reporter

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“I encourage everyone to read more and to love it,” Adriana Burgos said.

Adriana Burgos is a Library Media Specialist at John F. Kennedy though she calls herself a librarian. She is well versed in all sorts of literacy, instruction and collaboration.

“I’ve been doing this for eleven years,” she said.

She wants to set a good example for students through her work, and enjoys being kind and stressing the importance of self-acceptance.

“Patience is always a challenge,” Burgos said. Being patient is kind of hard to do when you have to help others on a regular basis. “I have a lot of patience but you always need more when you’re working with 1500 students, 200 staff members, and countless other school community members. That’s a lot of personalities! It’s both my favorite thing about the job and the most challenging,” Burgos said.

Being a librarian is not just about organizing books and making sure that the library is a quiet learning environment, it requires many skills and years of practice and preparation.

“I co-teach research and information literacy skills, plan with teachers to integrate research and technology in their lessons, supervise media center staff, plan programming, manage our print and digital collection (decide what books and online resources to buy, keep, or get rid of), help students and staff find information and get better at finding it for themselves,” Burgos said.

But getting to where she is now was not something that happened over night.

“Since an early age I loved reading books, doing art and I loved food. So I decided to specialize in reading and libraries.”

She pursued this passion and went to school where she got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Literature from Bryn Mawr College and a Master’s of Library Science from Drexel University.

To this day Burgos is satisfied with the work she does because she has always loved helping people.

“If you’re looking for approval from others or to have your ego fed, don’t go into teaching! Sometimes students are appreciative and sometimes they’re not, but that’s not why I do the job. If I help students get a step closer to achieving their goals (whether they realize it or not) makes me happy,” Burgos stated.

Though her first year at Kennedy is not quite yet over, Ms. Burgos is already looking forward to next year.

“It’s been a really good year. It’s been challenging because I’ve learned a lot and it may not have come easily. I’ve grown personally and professionally through the different situations I’ve faced. I’m so looking forward to next year because I will apply what I’ve learned this year. I can’t wait to help others next year,” Burgos said.

As summer is rapidly approaching, Mrs. Burgos has suggested a few ideas to help students stay engaged over vacation. Reading is something everyone should do because it is a good distraction and it’s helpful.

“I suggest reading what you like because it’s more important than anything else,” Burgos said. “Challenge yourself if you’re interested in it, no one is going to tell you what to read and what not to read just have fun with it.”

She believes that spending time reading at least a few minutes everyday will help you.

“Just don’t wait until the last second to start reading,” Burgos said.


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Getting to Know Ms. Burgos