With All Rebirthing, it Takes Time: The Journey of Kennedy Football in 2018

Olivia Miller, Reporter

Kennedy’s football program is in the development stage of it’s rebirth. It’s not going to “happen overnight” – or in this case, even over a couple months.

The team has doubled in size since last season, going from having barely enough for a varsity team to having a full JV and varsity team, both complete with a set of starters, second strings, and a bench.

Not only has their size grown, but also their commitment to the sport. You can see the football team out practicing rain or shine, from 4-7pm – and even the occasional two-a-days – and film every Saturday morning.

Kennedy players used to be known for quitting or giving up after a loss, blaming it on each other or even their coaches. This year, their attitude has changed. The hunger for a committed team,  for recognition, has united them. Junior Moises de Leon, a varsity football player for Kennedy says, “The overall feeling of the team is like if we all feel like we can give effort, we can put in a little piece to get a ‘W’ and a victory this season.”

Although the team did not have a win this season, their improvement has shown in the points scored as well as the closeness in final scores, and they have their newfound communication to thank for those points.

Any athlete knows that the first step towards a great team is communication. You can see our football players communicating on the field, not only amongst themselves, but also with their coaches, taking the criticism well and learning from every mistake. “Since the beginning of the season we started transforming our bodies and we have changed mentally and physically,” says Moises. This is showcased when you compare the scores and performance from the beginning of the season to the end of the season.

In the second game of the season, Kennedy played Walter Johnson and lost 6-41, a difference of 5 touchdowns. Almost 2 months later, for the last game of their season as well as their senior night, Kennedy put up a valiant effort against Magruder. Throughout the first 3 quarters, the lead exchanged a couple times between Kennedy and Magruder. In the 4th quarter, a very strong gust of wind signaled an intense, sudden downpour of rain, almost alluding to what would come next.

At the end of the 4th quarter, Magruder was able to score a touchdown, sealing their heartbreaking victory.

Yes, Kennedy may not have won a game this year, but that does not mean that they did not win in the improvement department. The quarterback was connecting with his receivers, the linemen were blocking, and the running backs were utilizing those blocks. Kennedy was finally playing as one complete unit – as one complete family.

The night of November 2nd really showcased our football team’s hard work and dedication, providing a little window into what to expect from them for next year. The beginning stages of the rebirth are completed – let’s get ready for the result.